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Welcome to our Relic Hunting web page!

If you love history then we've got something for you! The lowcountry of South Carolina has seen hundreds of years of history on its soil. From the early days of colonization, through the Revolutionary War, and up to the Civil War, artifacts have been left behind by our ancestors. We at Addam's Artifacts can help you find them.

The digging is easy. If you can dig a hole then you too can recover relics. We supply all the tools necessary to find the artifacts. Once you have recovered that piece of history it is yours to keep and cherish.

Each customer is supplied with a top-of-the-line metal detector and recovery tools for the relic hunt. Before the search begins you will be instructed on the use of the metal detector and proper recovery techniques. Also, the history of the site you are searching is provided. After the hunt we will identify your finds and provide you with preservation techniques and ideas on displaying your recoveries.

We are open year round, depending on weather conditions and can accommodate parties of ten relic hunters. We also take out singles as well. Upper elementary aged school children usually do fine with the metal detectors, but it is not recommended for very young children. Boots or closed toe shoes are a must. Wear clothing that you don't mind getting dirty. Also, sunscreen and at times bug spray is appropriate. I would suggest that water and possibly a snack should be brought along with you as well depending on the length of your relic hunt.

Fee Schedule Per Person:
$40 for 1 hour
$60 for 2 hours
$75 for 3 hours
($25 for each additional hour)

Call today to set up your relic hunt! 843-276-8338.


Here are a few photographs from some recent relic hunts.

Laurie and Jim with Federal campsite relics.

A just-plowed-up British Half Penny on the top.

Texas Bill's recoveries.

Carlos and his digs.

Chris with Buttons, Bullets, Trigger Guard, and Frag Pile.

Dwight and his 1869 Shield Nickel.

Dwight's Shield Nickel is in amazing condition before any cleaning.

Jimmy with his Silver Half Dollar.

Edisto Ladies with their recoveries.

Andrew with his just recovered Capped Bust Half Dime!

William with his coin silver pocket watch.

Federal relics from the 6th Connecticut Campsite found by John & Ashley.

Colonial relics from John's Island, SC.

Coat size Connecticut Militia Button from the 6th CT. Campsite, found by Danny.

The Florida Diggers and their spoils.

Confederate Script I Infantry Button from a picket post on Yonges Island, SC.

The Prez. with a Connecticut Militia Button from John's Island, SC.

Tom's Heavily Gilted Pewter Confederate Infantry Button from Camp Brooks.

Close-up of the Tom's button.

Jesse with a dropped Enfield bullet from the South Carolina camp.

Rowan with a freshly excavated pistol bullet.

Maxcy sweating out the relics.

Confederate Rifle Man's Button from the CS camp. I get lucky sometimes too!

1857 $1 Gold Piece recovered by Regan.

Paul's South Carolina button excavated from the CS camp.

Staff Officer's button just found by Web.

Victorian era silver brooch recovered by Brandon.

King James I Silver Half Penny 1604 - 1619.

Great Coins from a Plantation near Adams Run, SC.

Relics from a Federal camp found with Bob this summer.

Confederate Spur from the South Carolina Camp near Adams Run, SC.

1802 Draped Bust Large Cent in stunning condition!

Confederate South Carolina coat button just recovered by Danny.

The veterans and their spoils!

Bill recovers another musket ball.

Charlie and his haul!

Wanda's War of 1812 Artillery Corps Button.

Chris with Musket Trigger Guard & Gun Barrel found on 7-26-2012.

Bob with Rifle-Musket Lock Plate found on 7-26-2012.

John & Ashley with Buttons and Enfield Bullet found on 7-28-2012.

Summerville Metal Detecting Club Members 7-28-2012.

Sam and a pair of 1700's Half Pennies.

Marko digging buttons

Father & son bottle digging team.

Mack pulled all of them from one hole!

Sister & Brother relic hunters.

Bruce's pile of artifacts rescued from the old plantation.

Jerry's relics rescued from the plow.

Nice early buttons and pipe stem recovered by Dave.

John's artifacts from the plantation site recovered on January 19, 2012.

Ron and Dennis after a day's digging.

The Palmetto Relic Hunters Club.

Jerry and a just dug Silver Three Cents Piece.

Frank and his Federal Infantry Officer's Button.

1857 Seated Liberty Half Dime.........Ouch!

1759 Spanish 2 Reales

Dragoon Pistol Pommel Cap.

Web's South Carolina Militia Button.

Will's 60th Regt. of Foot Revolutionary War Button.

Bob's 71st Regt. of Foot Revolutionary War Button.

Bill's New York Volunteers Revolutionary War Button.

Finds from January 17 & 18, 2009.

Larry's Confederate Infantry Button

Some recent coin finds

Finds from 9-30-2008.

Frank & His Pile of Grape Shot

Confederate Button Group

Amanda & relics

9 inch Cannon Ball with 1862 Naval Watercap Fuze